AWS ML Experience

Hey Everyone,

I’ve posted this on my schools community board, but didn’t receive any responses so I am going to try here.

I am about to complete my Bachelors in Data Science from TESU in Oct, and was looking to start studying for some industry certifications. I am interested in the AWS Certification for Machine Learning, but have not seen many people with cert, or jobs that require it.

Does anyone have some feedback on this certification, or would they recommend an alternative after completing the DQ Data Science and Engineer paths?

My Background is in Marine Engineering and managing large projects for ships, oil rigs, etc. So I don’t have a lot of contacts or experience with any tech companies. Its been harder to form relationships with experienced professionals in the tech industry then I thought it would.

Any help would be appreciated!




Hi @jimbo0801,

Welcome to the community! I believe this blog post will help you with that: