Basemap deprecated

Cartopy, New Management, and EoL Announcement

Starting in 2016, Basemap came under new management. The Cartopy project will replace Basemap, but it hasn’t yet implemented all of Basemap’s features. All new software development should try to use Cartopy whenever possible, and existing software should start the process of switching over to use Cartopy. All maintenance and development efforts should be focused on Cartopy.

Ben Root has volunteered to take over maintenance of Basemap until 2020. Pull requests will be reviewed, and regressions will be fixed. Also, this maintenance will ensure compatibility with packages like NumPy and Matplotlib. New features will be accepted, but we stress that new development efforts should be focused on Cartopy. When Python 2.7 is officially EoL’ed in 2020, a release of Basemap will be made and support from Ben Root will end.

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