Bash Alias command not working

Screen Link:
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DQ asks to create alias for date command in Bash. I tried but the code doesn’t work.
Please see screenshot below. Please help.


@raturi22: There should not be any spaces when you are creating the alias.

alias d=date

Notice from this article something similar, just to bear in mind. In Linux/unix commands are not as forgiving as Windows and case and spaces do matter!

thanks, i think i did try that earlier. Didn’t work , thought it was because of readability. Working now though.

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Ok that’s good @raturi22! The command line is not something very intuitive when one is first learning it. Here are some resources to complement your learning at DQ:

Note that the 2nd resource is quite forensically-focused while the rest are more of multi-applicatory (though it does show you a new perspective of using it besides everyday programming). Feel free to use all of them. I found all of them useful in recapping or learning new command line concepts. Happy learning!

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thank you. very grateful for the links!

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