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Beginners Comparison Guide to DataQuest Vs. DataCamp

Datacamp vs. Data Quest

I just started jumping into the self-guided lessons for data analysts and scientists. I am writing this article as someone who has just started out in the first weeks of using both programs. I hope this article helps both platforms or programs to improve the experience of using them and also helps students reading this to find the best platform for themselves. One last note, I’m using the free versions of data camp and data quest.

So, the first thing I noticed between the two is that Data Quest is double the price of Data Camp. I was surprised by this because it seems as if there is actually more content on Data Camp. Currently, the price hasn’t mattered yet because I’m using the free version but the only reason I wanted to use either platform was because of the cost savings compared to Udacity and flimsy video centered programs like Udemy, etc.

The first issue I ran into though was that Data Camp only allowed you to complete one section at a time each day for the free edition. This is not a big deal because I could go to the other program after and so I did. So far using the free version I have been switching between both when I reach the content limit, meaning when I reach the limit on DQ I go to the other platform. It also helps to get a feel for which platform is better for you while it also helps you retain info by practicing in both.

However, almost immediately I ran into the problem with Data camp that the lessons were not thorough enough. I got stuck in one of the first sections so I had to go to Data Quest to look up the section and complete it there. In the variables section for Data Camp I got lost trying to figure out how to solve the “Operations with other types” section because the video and walk through didn’t point to a specific way of handling the situation. Data Quest seemed to break down the material a little more at least in these first sections. This also might mean that if you are not new to this material Data Camp might be a better program to update yourself.

Overall, it was far more thorough and through fully designed in Data Quest. Also, I ran into a different issue with Data Quest, primarily that they didn’t have a mobile app. I knew that I would constantly have to be practicing if I was going to be able to learn. This forced me to use both programs with discontent overall for both. It is also disappointing that it costs more and doesn’t offer an app. You could use on your browser but it’s not as accessible still and again the higher price seems like they increased the price before they were clearly more competitive. I think the business planning could have been better and they could at least offer better discounts than just being the same price at Data Camp when they aren’t on sale. Currently, Data Quest at full price is almost five times the cost of Data Camp ($150 vs $500) when not on sale vs. Data camp on sale. Data Camp offers a very competitive rate and offers this discount often, meaning it is clearly more affordable option.

If I had to make a decision between the both, which I may at some point I would probably say to use Data Quest because the main point is to learn and I got stuck in Data camp. I am going to hold off for now on buying either because Data Quest’s price is far more than I think is worth it to pay for. I might just do the $420 intro program at Springboard or Udacity instead because their programs are more respected anyways. The high price also defeats the purpose of why I originally went this route for the reason of being self-guided and saving money. Overall, I think both Data Camp and Data Quest need to seriously consider the issues I pointed out here because I would actually say it would be better to start out elsewhere until they fix these issues.


Thanks @matthewjdonovan for this thorough review. Really appreciate it! :pray:

And welcome to the Dataquest community! :tada:

I’m happy that you found Dataquest to be more thorough in terms of the content that we cover. This quality has been our priority over the number of courses in our catalog.

Actually, that’s not accurate. Dataquest’s annual subscription costs $399, when we are not on Sale and $294 during a sale (which is happening at the time of writing).

I have also forwarded your feedback to our team. So, thanks again! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I see. On your website, it says it’s 50% off or $294 off and regularly $50 a month or $600 a year. So, what you are saying is that the actual savings per year of the $294 is actually more like $100 and the marketing is slightly exaggerated? That makes more sense now. Thanks for clarifying Nityesh.

Also, thanks for forwarding my feedback to the team. I will continue reviewing both programs.