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Best markets for advertising e-learning

A story driven analysis of the best markets for advertising an e-learning platform. Includes a secondary analysis and includes a Stack Exchange survey from 2018

coding_survey.ipynb (1.4 MB)

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Hi @troodpa

Thank you for sharing this project with the DQ Community!

The visualizations are show stealers! They are just Wow! :heart_eyes_cat:

The narrative could have been more compact and concise, still, this project is a great read overall. Great work :+1: It is evident you have put in a lot of effort.

I am guessing you have done more than the tasks assigned in the DQ project :ok_hand: as I haven’t done this project with these many details.

And finally to nit-pick:

  • the transition from grey and maroon to grey and blue is okay, but why orange and blue in the last plot :wink: :thinking:?
  • try to utilize dataframe.head() or dataframe.tail() or dataframe.iloc methods instead of showing the whole dataframe.
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Thank you, I think the thought process behind the blue and orange in the last two plots was for contrast. The whole thing needs a bit more polish, I plan for it to be part of my portfolio. I did notice a few typos and such after I posted it, and I think it may need to be shortened a bit.

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Wow, I’m so interesting in your plot and the way you handle with missing value
I’m not yet good in build plots, so I think I’ll gain a lot when I look at your project