Best OS for Python and Jupyter Notebook

I am new to both Data Science and Python and I just started my learning. I want to install python and Jupyter Notebook. Anyone can advice me which operating system is best for my objective. Currently I am using a PC with Windows 10 pro OS.

Hi @chamara131: In my opinion any OS is fine. If there are issues with installation (which are very rare) or later on when importing/installing additional packages using the Anaconda prompt (or terminal), just search it up in Google as errors have been well documented online in the data science community.

Since you want both Python and Jupyter, I suggest you download the latest version from the Anaconda website, which is avaliable for MacOS and Windows 10 or Linux.

Hope this helps!

Hi Thanks for the advise.

Hello @chamara131 Welcome to the DataQuest Community!.

Since you are just starting, and you won’t be making computation\memory intensive applications, your OS is just fine. you’ll have to use Anaconda Distribution the best distribution for Data Science work, it comes with jupyter notebook, libraries, and other editors installed


@info.victoromondi Thanks for your advise.