Best way to download datasets from guided projects?

I am working on the eBay Car Sales guided project and I’m trying to learn the best way to download the DQ dataset so that I can work with it in Jupyter Notebooks outside of the DQ platform. Within DQ, I imported pandas as pd, read the csv, then downloaded the .tar file. From there I was able to extract the .csv file.

Is there a better way? I tried to use autos.to_csv("autos.csv", index=False), but I wasn’t able to figure out how to set a path to place it locally. I followed some steps I found on Stack Overflow, but that didn’t work either.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Kindly refer to this post. It tells how to mention the path. :smiley:

Hi ianjmonk

Did you figured it out how to download the dataset? If not, I will try to help you.

First, in your guided project right screen, you must click in “Download”, as showed in the print below.

Then, you will need to choose the folder in which you wish to save the dataset. Make sure you choose the same folder you are going to save your jupyter notebook (Please, disregard the portuguese texts in the next print. It’s just to show you step-by-step. :slight_smile:


You can see that the file you download is in .rar format. So, you need to extract the files from it (extract it at the same folder your notebook is saved, so you are going to work just like in DQ plataform).

If somehow you saved the Guided Project file or extract it to a folder different from the notebook, you will need to specify that when reading the “autos.csv” file. For example: if your jupyter notebook is saved in folder 1 and the dataset in folder 2 (which is inside folder 1 just like the notebook), you will need to specify that when trying to read the csv file:

autos = pd.read_csv('folder2/autos.csv')

If you still have any question, please let me know. If my explanation helped you, please mark it as solution. I would appreciate a lot :smiley: