Better Together - a new subcategory of the Share category!

Dear Dataquesters,

We’re all familiar with the main pain of self-learners: feeling lonely while studying :nerd_face: Doubts, questions (and not only technical ones), procrastination, lack of motivation, feeling overwhelmed – and this list can be definitely continued. These issues are a natural consequence of any self-learning process, and they don’t exist in offline schools and bootcamps.

To compensate for the loneliness of self-learning, I’m happy to present you a new subcategory of the Share category – Better Together, which you can use for networking, socializing, collaborating, and meeting like-minded people around the world :globe_with_meridians: :rocket:

In particular, in this subcategory, you can:

  • Discuss the difficulties and doubts of self-learning :exploding_head: such as:

    • keeping motivated
    • feeling overwhelmed
    • procrastination
    • slow progress
    • efficient time management
    • impostor syndrome
    • optimal learning strategy
    • useful learning habits
    • which path to choose
    • etc.
  • Look for people from your city/region/country :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia:

  • Look for data science enthusiasts interested in a specific sphere (healthcare, banking, marketing, insurance, logistics, education, linguistics, etc.)

  • Invite people to collaborate on group projects :handshake:

  • Gather people for attending data science events

  • Share your success story in a data-related sphere :trophy:

Welcome to the Better Together subcategory! I hope that it will help you increase interactions with other data science enthusiasts and extend your professional network. Can’t wait to see your first posts there! :heart_eyes: