Blog creation--Pelican Install -using DQ steps--can you guide me ?--ty

Hi Dataquest community and All,

I am trying to follow below steps from DQ to create a python blog.I am in Installing Pelican stage and stuck in Jupyter-blog.

I have installed Anaconda and created .gitignore and requirements.txt files in a folder.

But how can I set up the jupyter-blog ?.Can you guide me with next steps–Thank you

Not quite clear what are you asking for?

Have you created directory called jupyter-blog? If so, you need to go to that directory i.e. change you current path to it. Under command terminal it may look like this:

> cd jupyter-blog

Then you need to execute the following command:

> pip install -r requirements.txt 

And this will set up jupyter-blog.

If this is not the case and you have stacked with something else, please, let us know where exactly, so we could help you better. Cheers and don’t give up! :slight_smile:

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