Boolean Indexing in Pandas

I don’t feel that the lessons on boolean indexing were particularly clear. Can anyone recommend some supplementary resources (YouTube videos, articles, etc.) that would be good to review?

Anything that’s interactive would be a plus.

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Hi @onhamae,

Do a youtube search on “python pandas”. Find a video that you find the most interactive to you. I recommend you to learn how to search more effectively for information to complement current learning resources.

Useful youtube channel

Here are some youtube channel that I found useful:

Process/Workflow on how to use search to learn

Step 1, pick a search engine.
Step 2, select a query string to search what you don’t know.
Step 3, evaluate the resource if it is valuable to your learning.
Step 4, if resources is not valuable to your learning, repeat steps 1 to 3.
Step 5, do step 4 until you completely understood what you don’t know.

If Step 5 reaches the maximum recursive stack frame allowed in your system, then you are most certainly welcome to post your question in this community forum.

If you choose not to follow step1, you are most certainly welcome to post your question in this community forum, but I strongly encourage you to make an attempt to search first.

Search Engines

Other search engine resources you can used to find additional supplementary resources are as follows:

Query string

You can mix and match query to form other types of queries.

Learn important keywords and use them in your search.

Search query (query within quotation):

  • “python pandas” + ("" or “pdf” or “edu” or “video” or “tutorial” or “blog”, “guide”)
  • “pycon pandas”
  • “pandas jupyter notebooks”
  • “pandas tutorial”

Searching for information is a valuable skill

A resources might be useful for one but may not be useful for you because due to your knowledge, background, and ability of how quickly you learnt. Therefore, sometimes, I do search for other supplementary resources to add on to others’ suggestion of supplementary resources. It is a valuable skill to know on how to search for resources as there are many free and good resources out there.

Scenario on why searching is an important skill

Let me give you a scenario to demonstrate the importance of such a skill to search for resources.

Example scenario: Suppose one fine morning, your boss or direct supervisor ask you a question via email that you don’t know, what do you do? Of course, you won’t be asking your boss. You will be googling search the question before constructing your text response to your boss’ email.

Thanks for the YouTube channels @alvinctk; I’ll check them out!

Having been a graduate student (economics), I’m fairly familiar with research methods and processes. I had posted the question simply because I was hoping that someone else had already found a resource that was helpful to them (and thus, would save me from trolling through dozens of other websites and YouTube videos). As I’m new to the DataQuest community, though, maybe I’m approaching this resource incorrectly.

In any case, considering you didn’t know much about me when responding, I really appreciate such a thorough answer to my question.

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Hey @onhamae,

No worries, You are in good standing.

Here is another resources on free textbook download available by consent of the author/publisher.

Also, search for key people in the pandas community.

Wes Mckinney for pandas.
Python Data Analysis text
Not free, but you should be able to find a pdf to download.

Jake VanderPlas - scikit learn
Jake VanderPlas has good information on Data Science Handbook -