Boolean Indexing Step 8 Feedback

I would like to provide my feedback on Step 8 of Boolean Indexing with NumPy.

I was stuck on this for quite some time because the description states that we’re using the 1D boolean array to determine our row for assignment, but when first learning this, it is hard to understand that what this is trying to teach/describe is that the 1D boolean array [False, True, True] is used for row assignment on the 2D array like [0, 1, 2] essentially saying "hey now that I have a 1D array that’s [False, True, True], this applies to rows [0, 1, 2], except since only [1, 2] are True, then I’m only going to assign rows at index 1 and 2 and not index 0.

I think it would be helpful to have the first sentence explanation expanded upon with an even simpler explanation similar to what I have in bold above to make it easier to comprehend how this operation works.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s feedback on this mission and if they also found this explanation hard to understand?

Your explanation makes sense. You are simply interpreting what the code is doing. It’s just like writing a pseudo-code :+1:.