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Break Down For Better Understanding

Screen Link:

My Code:
SELECT count(*)
FROM customer
where country =
) = 1 THEN “Other”
END AS country

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What I expected to happen:
I was wondering if anyone could break down this CASE Statement and What is it counting and how they set it = 1

What actually happened:

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Correlated subqueries: CASE and Subqueries

This missing concept in solution is causing way too many repeated questions. I’m wondering, assuming the lesson material cannot be edited, can certain forum contributions be linked to from the lesson? That would probably mean freezing the forum post, or implicitly doing that by adding an icon or something so the author doesn’t edit it anymore.

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Hey @hanqi! Thanks for bringing this to my notice.

I have run this with my team and we’ve notified the content team about this problem.

I’m wondering - are you interested in writing an article (in DQ Direct) about SQL Cases? It seems like it would help a lot of people in our community and you are the best person to write it.

I can then add relevant tags to that article so that whenever someone clicks on the “Community Discussion” button from the screen, they are shown this article.