Building a Machine Learning Model to Predict House Prices

Dear all,
This is my first machine learning predictive model.
I’d love to have your feedback on mistakes and how to improve!
Thank you so much in advance! David

Building a Machine Learning Model to Predict House PricesAmesHousing.txt (938.3 KB)
predicting_house_prices.ipynb (931.9 KB)

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Hi @davidrodriguessp! Congratulations on your project, it looks very professional and clean:) I really enjoyed reading it!

The only thing I would like to mention are scatterplots that to me seem a bit overwhelming.

Happy coding and good luck with your future projects :smile:

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Hi Artur, thank you so much for your comment! Very much appreciated your feedback. Let me know if any other input. David

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I’ve never done a machine learning project so I won’t comment on any of your decisions:)