Building Data Pipeline


I am currently pursuing the data analyst path. But, I also need to learn how to build data pipelines in python. Can you please let me know which all courses in the data analyst/scientist/engineering path I need to cover before I can understand the topics in the Data Pipeline course?

Thank you!!

Hey, Ikun.

In order to complete the screens that comprise the Data Pipeline course, you could potentially get away with doing the first two Python courses in the Data Analyst/Scientist in Python paths and jumping straight to it.

However, in order to understand it, how it fits in a broader context and to see the forest instead of the trees, Iā€™d recommend doing the Data Analyst in Python path and then doing the Postgres courses in the Data Engineer in Python path.

I hope this helps.

Hi Bruno,

Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it!!

Best Regards

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