Business Analysis and Project Management

I have completed the Data Science with Python and Business Analyst courses. I am interested in pursuing Business Analysis.

Would it benefit me to also study R and/or Tableau or are there other topics that I should add?

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I’m not a business analyst but I’ve been on the job hunt for a little while. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest adding R to your resume if you already have Python. I’m sure there are jobs that specifically want R, but most that I’ve seen either prefer python or they don’t care and to be honest very few BA jobs that I’ve seen think Python/R is too important.

Definitely pick up Tableau, although if you already have Power BI you might be okay. Go deeper with SQL. Every job I’ve encountered has wanted at least 1 year experience with SQL. Get some really good SQL projects under your belt and tout those on your resume.

I would even recommend trying to find some sort of volunteer experience if you can. It’ll help set you apart from other applicants.

Good luck and hope this helps!


Thanks for the response. I think I agree about R. Definitely need more practice with SQL. Will probably add Tableau seeing that I can do it with DQ.

I have been doing some pro-bono work for a political party (haha) and have presented the Report for the 1st ward. Seems like it will be extended to other wards. The Report included not only dataset analysis, but also environmental, economic, SWOT and Pestel Analysis - concluding with a strategic plan. The data was a challenge to clean and format and I ended up relying on Excel and PowerBI. Was not confortable with Python and SQL. Really enjoyed it though.

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