Business-metrics error not executing code

I am getting an attribute error when i run the code locally in jupyter

so i tried to import matplotlib but stil get an error

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

ax = nps.reset_index().plot(kind="line", x="yearmonth",y="nps",
                            figsize=(12,6), legend=False
ax.set_xticklabels(nps.index, rotation=45)

reset_index() is a DataFrame method, therefore nps must be a DataFrame so this method can be called. Is nps a DataFrame? Can you share the code you used to create it?

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Also, don’t forget, when you would like to run matplotlib in Jupyter Notebook:
use the inline magic: “%matplotlib inline”. This command works only there because Jupyter uses iPython instead of the regular python used throughout the missions.

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Hi otavios.s
I had it defined as a dataframe in the cell before

nps = df.pivot_table(index=“yearmonth”, columns=“category”, aggfunc=“size”)
nps[“total_responses”] = nps.sum(axis=“columns”)
nps[“nps”] = (nps[“Promoter”]-nps[“Detractor”])/nps[“total_responses”]
nps[“nps”] = (100*nps[“nps”]).astype(int)

now I rerun and read file in again from start and get text output

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Thanks David,

Indeed that was the problem, i added that for inline and it works now