Can I move straight to Step 5 after completing Step 1 & Step 2? [Data Scientist In Python course]

For Data Scientist In Python course - After completing Step 1 and Step 2, can I move straight to Step 5 onwards?

Kindly advise.

Thank you.

Hey @chenkeong288

Its good to know that you already completed Step 1 & Step 2

Yes you can move straight to Step 5, but progress for Step 3 & Step 4 will remain 0% so anyhow you will still need to complete Step 3 & 4 to get 100% completion in Data Scientist in Python path

But I will advise you to go in the order unless you already have good knowledge about command line & SQL

If you already have studied concepts of Step 3 & 4 before you can jump to Step 5 for now and finish Step 3 & 4 later

But if you are new to command line & SQL, I recommend that you first try to finish Step 3 & 4 before moving to Step 5 because you will need concepts of Step 3 & 4 in Guided projects & later courses.


Thanks for the input @jayparesh

I complete Step 1 and Step 2 to refresh my Python, data cleaning and visualization skills. I will not neglect Step 3 and 4. I will definitely complete it after that.

As I sign up for the course mainly for mathematical and machine learning tutorial (which are covered in Step 5, Step 6, Step 7).

I am only thinking moving straight to Step 5, Step 6, Step 7 after completing Step 1 and Step 2, will there be anything/knowledge I miss out on Step 3 and Step 4, which may block my progress in Step 5, Step 6, Step 7?

Thank you

Yes you can do Step 5, 6 & 7 before Step 3 & 4

But make sure you do Step 3 before Step 8 because Step 8 has 2 courses which require prior command line knowledge

Thank you @jayparesh. That was a great help! :slight_smile: