Can someone answer this questions in 2nd chapter of Guided Project: Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors

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If you don’t see majors in the top right quadrant, then it’s because they don’t exist.

I don’t have the graph in mind anymore, but that sounds right.

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Please correct my observations:

Do students in more popular majors make more money?
Seeing both the plot, more specifically Total vs Median, we can observe that there is no linear relationship. Most of the density of students can be found in unpopular courses.

It can be seen that mostly students from unpopular courses are getting paid more than the popular courses.

Therefore, it can clearly be said that students from popular courses do not tend to get paid more.

Please correct my findings

Please correct my findings for 3rd question

I wish someone did reply to @jimmyml and clarified these conclusions.

Also could you please tell me what exactly is ‘Sample size’ column represent?

Exactly, I just happened to be there and the wording on part 2 of the question is indeed confusing - as if asking us to use the scatter plots we drew in part 1 of the question to answer the questions in part 2. In fact, they are 2 separate sets of scatter plots ( as @Bruno has clearly explained above so thanks for that clarification Bruno!) .

I sure am enjoying it though as I was really looking forward to learning and adding data viz to pandas exploration. Great mission !

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Hi @jimmyml
For making sense of the plotting results if they indicated any significant relation and answering the question about Majority Female(ShareWomen) vs. Median scatter plot, I looked at the data in order to corraborate my observation - and it matches with your observation i.e there is NO indication that students with major in subjects that were majority female make more money

I did the same for concluding that FT vs. Median and Popular majors(Total) vs. Median have no link either. If mostly the data points on X-axis moved right and those on y-axis moved upwards , that would be a good indication that the answer would be YES. Anyway, I had to depend on what the data showed me:-)

Also, I always put Median as the dependent variable , on the y axis.




Hi Bruno,

can it also be fixed inside training material?

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Hi @ahadov.rufat ,

By learning material, are you referring to the solution page? Can you please send me a screenshot of the typo?