Can Tableau Public be integrated in R

Hey guys, I know this is probably not strictly R related, I wanted to know whether Tableau Public can be integrated in R. I’m sure Tableau Online and Server may be able to through the Rserve library, but I just want to settle this question. Is there maybe a link I can refer to. Many thanks! Newbie here!


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Hello @IsaacLow,

To the best of my knowledge you cannot integrate Tableau in R. If you want to do things similar to what you do with a Tableau Public, you can try the esquisse library. It probably does not provide a quarter of what you can do with Tableau Public, but it can be useful sometimes. Here’s a youtube video that quickly describes how it works.

I’ve recently heard about an R integration for Tableau Public & Tableau Online. However, I don’t know the status of the project now.