Can we get a roadmap of when new content will be added or notifications for when new content is added?

I just completed the Standard Streams and File Descriptors Mission. And on it’s last step -

It was stated -

The context of the next (new) course is not set in stone, so this could change, but you can hope to learn about:

Shell expansion
Working with programs from the shell
The IPython shell
Task scheduling and job control
Package managers and virtual environments
Network commands

But, there is no such course yet. The next course/mission is SQL related.

So, is it possible to have a roadmap on when next set of courses/missions/content updates would be released?

Given that our access to the website’s premium content is dependent on us paying for it, ofcourse, it would be helpful to get such a roadmap to figure out how to proceed once I/we have completed the rest of the content that’s relevant to me/us.

Plus, it’s always good to know what updates are going to happen, in general.

cc - @Mary


Hello @the_doctor, here is the :point_right: Dataquest: Content Roadmap

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Thanks for sharing this!

Unfortunately, after looking at the cards, it doesn’t seem that they are actively maintaining it. There were couple of updates on May 1st. But most of them haven’t been updated. Some of the “Planned” cards seem to have been incorporated already into Missions, but they are still in “Planned”.

Hopefully someone from DQ can confirm or provide an alternative.

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@the_doctor Apologies for the confusion - we don’t have a set date for when this will be worked on, so I’ve asked for this text to be removed from the course.

This Content Roadmap is correct and up to date. The topics described above would be included in a rewrite of the CLI Intermediate course, so if you’d like us to prioritize it, please go ahead and vote for this item. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!


Thank you for the confirmation, @Julie !

I will go ahead and check out the cards and vote accordingly.

Are you all planning to hire anytime soon for positions that can help develop content for you given the multiple cards in “Planned”?

No problem at all! And we don’t have plans at the moment to hire more content authors, but you can submit a general application here proactively and keep an eye on this page for updates on open positions!

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Thanks once again! I will submit an application soon.

Don’t wish to trouble you more than this, but would you have any particular suggestions on preparing for a potential interview related to any of the content related positions? I do have some content development background (and have a broader career goal of curriculum design to structure and improve student learning experience), but its been a while, and I wished to understand how I could best prepare for it (if it ever came to that).

If you could give/share some pointers, would appreciate it. Thanks nevertheless!

No problem at all! Our technical interview process may change by the time we post a position, but the general purpose is to learn about a candidate’s teaching philosophy and how they approach teaching technical content to learners. To prepare, I’d suggest writing some blog posts or tutorials to practice teaching technical subjects. We actually recently published a guide with a list of popular places you could look to get those published too!

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