Can you check my code before I move on further

My Code:
I have called the below functions from my explore_data function and runs “All cells” upon each execution
Is this way approachable to move further? Can tell me the pros and cons of this approach.

I had a glance at solution notebook and could see that this is not necessary as each individual cells are executable units and can work with the data tracked by previous cells.

Should I stick on to the solution Notebook approach or shall I continue calling the upcoming task(like finding free apps etc) from explore_data function itself.

What I expected to happen:

What actually happened:

Replace this line with the output/error

hi @annreenazach

I didn’t exactly get where you are currently stuck at. the link you have attached takes me to my own dashboard.

Anywho, regarding the guided project, they do allow us to have a certain freedom in choosing our approach/ writing style which is based on the guidelines suggested.

And you don’t need to run “All Cells” all the time. Only when you want to finalize your project or when you want to reset unnecessary variables, or maybe when instructed to do so.

You can complete the project, according to your thought out workflow and submit for us to learn from it as well :slight_smile:

hope this helps somewhat.