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Cannot see diagram


I am om the ‘Chi-squared tests’ mission (Learn data science with Python and R projects).

I cannot see the diagram that is supposed to be shown on the first page:

EDIT_1: The same problem occurs on the 3rd page:

I just checked both screens and can see the diagrams on my end. Is it possible that the colour scheme you’re using is having a negative effect? Try switching it to standard vs (what I’m assuming is) a dark scheme.

Here is the diagram for your viewing pleasure, in the mean time:


EDIT_1: I just switched over to the dark theme and can confirm I no longer see the diagram. Perhaps this is worth submitting a ticket to have the DQ team take a look at it? Click on the question mark in the top right of your screen and select “Send in a ticket.” I’m guessing because the diagram is using dark text and the background is black, it effectively hides it from view. If you highlight the area where the diagram should be, you can see the text highlighted in blue (as a work around).

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