Cannot Sign Up for Trefle API


I am trying to finish Challenge: Working with Different APIs in R (, but I cannot sign up for Trefle API.

Whenever I try, I get This site can’t be reached error:


I have tried on 2 different Internet Service Providers, but no luck.


Unfortunately, that API was shut down recently. The content should be updated and I will try to let the DQ team know. But you will have to skip this particular challenge for now.

Thank you! I have completed everything else for the Data Analyst with R path and I am just waiting to finish the Challenge: Working with Different APIs in R course.

I also have the same issue…is there any other way to get the API?

The API was shut down so nothing can be done unless someone creates/hosts it again somewhere which doesn’t seem to be the case as of now. You could search online for any alternatives.

You can go through the API source code and their data to try to work through it on your own, locally. But that could be a tricky task depending on your current skill set.

Got it, thanks. I guess there’s no other way to complete this challenge.