Can't figure out what's wrong

hey guys, while doing the first project I decided to take a different approach into analyzing my data (android data)
my goal was to go through each datatype (app, categories, ratings, review----->android version) and count how many items are in each, hence see how many are missing, but my code isnt working as planned. I need a little help here. Thank you

for row in googlefile:         #androiddata
    if item in dictionary:

So basically count the items of every column in each row

hey @jordangarden55

I will highlight a few things here:

  1. for row in googlefile: - This would take all the records present in google data set so like 50 or 500 or 5000 records will be considered.

  2. item = googlefile[1: 13] - my guess is you want to collect the columns 1st to 13th but this won’t give you that. This will actually select 12 rows. so the for loop will get compounded.

  3. if item in dictionary - is this line giving you an error, to me it did. for my test “item” turned out to be a list instead of one item, because of 2.

If you have come across and completed functions and are willing to incorporate that here, this blogpost might be able to help you.