Can't Find Tag To Properly Place Question on Guided Project


I’m trying to ask a question on the ‘Guided Project: Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys’ Step 9. I can see that others question on this step have been tagged “348-9”. I’d like to tag my question the same so that my question is properly indexed but “348-9” isn’t showing up in the “optional tags” field as I type. The only thing that is showing up is “348-348” which doesn’t make sense. There are several questions that have ‘348-9’ as a tag.

It seems like as you type out the tag, the search drop down menu auto-populates with existing tags and then you find the one you want, click it and then it adds the tag. This isn’t happening here. Also I don’t see a place where you can create your own tag.

Is there something incredibly obvious that I am missing? See attached screen shot.

Thank for your help.

Hi @gosaints,

  1. Open the mission screen with your project.
  2. Open the “Get Help” in the left bottom (where there are usually hints for the tasks and solutions).
  3. Choose “Community discussion”.
  4. In the opened window, you will see all the questions tagged for that project. When you create from there “New Topic”, it will be automatically tagged properly. Let’s say, you are not supposed to add any other tags.

ok thank you, I’ll that.

Nevermind, I guess it takes a few minutes for the tags to attach. Thanks!

Yes, if you do the steps above, the tags will be added automatically, you only have to write the topic of your question and choose the right category (“Q&A - DQ Courses”, in this case).

Hi there @gosaints and @Elena_Kosourova,

I should bring some clarity here:

This community runs an auto-tagging system that automatically attaches the appropriate mission-screen tag as well as the appropriate course tag to the topics. All you need to do is drop the URL of the current screen when you are asking the question.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi @nityesh,

This approach looks even easier than my 4 steps! :grinning: Thank you!