Can't install psycopg2 using conda install psycopg2


I want to install the psycopg2 module for Jupyter Notebook. I followed the instructions in the Project - PostgreSQL Installation mission.

I attach a picture of my the conda shell. Is the problem my python version?

Hi @ale_aleivaar
Yes, it looks like the problem is your python version. Try using the command conda instal python=3.8 and then conda update --all to update all the packages. I think after that it should work

Good luck!

Hi, @alegiraldo666,

I solved this problem by installing the psycopg2 in the conda command line using this:

pip install psycopg2

Then added the password parameter in jupyter notebook for variable conn. The password is set when installing PostgreSQL.

conn = psycopg2.connect(dbname=“postgres”, user=“postgres”, password="******")

Hope this information is of help to someone because it seems that I was not the only one. Here is a related post on the same issue.

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