Can't Thank You Enough, DataQuest

I started using DataQuest about 2 months ago and I’m learning the material alongside my PhD. As someone in the sciences, I already possess an ability to think in a structured programming sense so I am able to move through the material faster. However, the way you guys at DataQuest have structured the courses and the depth into which you go is simply amazing. I’ve learned so much more here in 2 months than I would have ever learned scraping the material by myself across scattered sources on the internet.

My 1-year premium subscription, even though it ate deep into my pocket, is by far my best investment in a long time. The only issue I have with DataQuest is that in some of the Guided Projects, the hints provided before the exercises are often too much. I would rather these hints be hidden in the “Get Hint” section underneath the exercises so that I could think about a problem and figure it out myself. Other than that, you guys are fantastic. Thanks and thanks again!


Thanks so much for the kind words @TaiwoGoldAyodeji :heavy_heart_exclamation:

We’re so glad that we could help you. I also want to thank you for your feedback on Guided Projects. I have passed it on to the team! :slight_smile: