Career changes in figures

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Do you have any statistics on how DataQuest have helped people in their career?


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I think, DQ will provide, but I can’t find yet! You can directly contact to the DQ help center and get the statistics. But, as far as I know DQ is helping a lot in order to making a career! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Saul, not exactly what you are asking for but at least it helps to have appropriate expectations reg interviews/application_process:

Finally, she says, know going into your job search “that you’re going to have to deal with rejection and that’s normal and everybody goes through it. Don’t let it discourage you, keep going. I applied to, I think, 115 different places before I found something.”

So how’d he get that new job in data analysis? He built a portfolio of cool projects and then started putting in the work: applying, applying, and more applying. In total, Carlos said he probably applied to around 60 companies, and most of them rejected him. But he got two offers, and the rest is history.

Hey @Saul we published this post that covers some of the outcome data for Dataquest students:

Few things to note (in the vein of transparency):

  • The results were compiled via a survey and they were self-reported
  • We focused on students that completed a medium-large number of courses
  • Sample size was 766 students that replied to the survey

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

@Saul what career outcome do you have in mind?