CAST placement in SQL

Hey there! qq about CAST and where this goes when executing an aggregation? Why In the below query does CAST not belong in the 4th column on both c.urban_pop as well? I wanted tot type this (CAST(c.urban_pop AS FLOAT) / CAST(f.population AS float))?

Here is the correct query:
SELECT AS country,
f.population AS total_pop,
(c.urban_pop / CAST(f.population AS float)) AS urban_pct
FROM facts as f
SUM(population) urban_pop
FROM cities
GROUP BY 1) AS c ON c.facts_id =
WHERE urban_pct > .5
ORDER BY urban_pct ASC;

There is an existing question similar to yours that should help - Why is CAST placed in denominator ? Why not placed in both numerator and denominator?

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