Change path: from DS to DA and again to DS

I have a doubt and that is:

  • I started with the path of data scientist, now I am at 75% and I wonder if I can finish the path of data analyst before and once finish continue with data scientist with out loosing the progress. It is possible or do may I have to re-start again all the path?

Greetings to everyone


Hello @Edelberth, I think the progress of your learning path will be saved. And if you switch to data analyst path now, you will see that, the common lessons of data science which you will find in the data analyst path will be shown as completed. I hope, I answered your question.


yes, I think so too, some of the courses are similar in the different paths. I did the same too and my progress is intact.

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Thank you very much for your quick response, I am very grateful.:dizzy:


I take note and I also thank you for the time you have taken to respond, thank you.