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Chapter - "Regular Expression Basics" under Data Cleaning Advanced - Screen 7

Screen Link:

My Code:

tag_5_freq = tag_5_matches.value_counts()

What I expected to happen:
As per the instructed output, it should run as -> Series.value_counts()
What actually happened:

When I run this piece of code in mu Jupyter notebook to check, it throws an error - DataFrame doesn't have any method value_counts

Actually, when I corrected the code as below, it ran fine.

tag_5_freq = tag_5_matches[0].value_counts()

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This is because of the differences in pandas version. in your version Series.str.extract will return a DataFrame
Check Documentation

If you want the returned value to be a Series set expand=False in your Series.str.extract. Recheck the documentation.

Just to know In new pandas version 1.1.0. They have added value_count method for dataframe too.