CheatSheets - Building up or finding a source

Hello guys!

I am reaching you once again in order to ask you a question about the content in Dataquest. I’ve been a bit stuck in the Step 2 of the course because I try to manage to combine Dataquest with my job (9-10 hours a day don’t let you do much more). For that reason, sometimes, going back to Dataquest and ending up a mission or catching up where you left of, makes you feel a bit lost.

For that reason, I was planning on reviewing all the content (‘once again’) and build up a Cheatsheet with the key concepts (in context), because the takeaways, sometimes are not enough.

I checked that Dataquest has a topic in the blog with some Cheat Sheets:

Cheat Sheets Archives - Dataquest

The Cheat Sheets are about:

  • Python Basics.
  • Python Intermediate.
  • Numpy.
  • Pandas.
  • Regular Expressions.

Hence, lessons 1, 2, 3.1, 3.2 and 7.

Summarizing, is there a Cheat Sheet for the rest of the courses? Matplotlib, Seaborn, Data Aggregation etc. in order to optimize time? I don’t mind reviewing the whole content, but if I can make the most and focusing on studying instead of building a Cheatsheet that would be easier.

Thank you so much! :grin:

Hey guys!

I answered my question on my own.

I link you an amazing repository with Cheat Sheets that all data scientist should have!

Data Science Cheatsheets


Thanks, @a.marimon.fernandez for sharing this link :+1:


Thank You, @a.marimon.fernandez Sir, for sharing. This repo has lots of Cheatsheet.

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Wow!! Thanks for sharing