Check your Python code in Jupyter notebook

I am a Python notebook user for a long time and love the ability to be able to write and execute code in my browser. One issue that I miss the most is the ability to check my code and catch bugs as I write code.

I found this extension that, once added to Google Chrome, checks your Python notebooks and surfaces potential bugs. It really helps me to catch simple Python bugs directly in my notebooks.

It’s free and available for the Chrome marketplace.

Hi @julian and welcome to the community!

I just checked out this Chrome extension in the marketplace and it looks like the developer is named “Julien”…is that you?

Yep, I am the developer of the extension and I am looking for feedback! I believe that this can also benefit people learning Python, which is why I posted my message here. If there is a better place to post this message, happy to post it somewhere else!


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Nope, I think this is the perfect place for sharing a tool like this, thanks for sharing it!

Since many learners here use Jupyter Notebook for projects, I am guessing the first few questions many would have would be:

  • Does this work on Jupyter Notebooks that are being run locally on my machine?
  • Do I need to install anything besides the Chrome extension for this tool to work?
  • Is this tool free or does it require a subscription/payment for prolonged use?

Thanks for your message!

  1. Yes, it runs on Jupyter notebooks running locally
  2. Nope, you do not need to install anything, it works out of the box
  3. For individual developers, it’s totally free to use.

Note that this is still in beta and we are looking for feedback. Interested users can post questions directly on this forum (I am monitoring the answers) and can also report bugs directly on our GitHub project. I personally started this project because I did not have a tool to check my code and want to make a tool useful for all users of Jupyter notebooks!