Chinook Database Analysis

Hello DQ community, I’ve had a tough time lately but I’m here again to share my latest guided project which involved querying the chinook database from r.

Chinook_store.pdf (272.6 KB)


Hi @abomayesan

I hope things get better. Thank you for sharing your project. I really enjoyed reading your project. It was clear and easy to follow and understand. I learned something new about genre and album sales.

You did a great job dividing your analysis into multiple sections by using multiple case numbers. The graphs and tables were easy to understand and really helped me to understand your analysis. You did a great job formatting your output into neat, concise tables.

You did a great job answering each question from introduction within each case number, but did you consider adding results to your conclusion. The below suggestions about the Conclusion are from An In-Depth Style Guide found here.


For our purposes here, a good conclusion:

* Reminds the reader what the initial goal was and what was the main approach you took to reach that goal.
* Summarizes the most important results.

Practically, the conclusion is similar to an introduction rephrased in the light of what has been done in the main body. To write a good conclusion, try to:

* Be concise and don’t use more than two paragraphs (of maximum 3-4 sentences each).
* Don’t be bombastic in your final claims. Also, it’s better to stay away from trying to end triumphantly with a quote because most readers won’t read all your work and, as a consequence, they won’t be able to share your enthusiasm.

Hello Cassandra thank you for your feed back. I’m a whole lot better now. I’m going to take your advice and improve on my projects.

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