Choosing an ETL tool

Hi everyone! I’ve been checking job boards on my country and a lot of the posts mentions:

‘Know how to use an ETL tool/process’

I’ve already completed all the SQL and Databases related sections of the Data Analyst path, but i’m not sure of having used one of this tools. I’ve also seen mentioned that some popular tools are SSIS and Pentaho, but i don’t think this tools are currently covered on any of the paths DQ offers.

¿Could someone please enlighten me on which ETL tool should I try to learn and to which degree should I learn it to get an entry level job as a data analyst?

Hey, @dumejo92!

Welcome to the community - glad you’re here!

Great question. I’d actually suggest gaining some conceptual knowledge about an ETL, and how they might be applied in a company setting. This will help you to gain an overall knowledge of how ETL’s fit in the grand scheme of things, and you’ll be able to explain that better in an interview.

After gaining some overall conceptual knowledge, I would dive in to a few tools that you’ve seen on job descriptions such as the ones you’ve listed above. Poke around to see how it works, and compare it to other tools.

Here’s some reading on ETL’s to get you started:

Give these a read and make sure you can coherently talk about ETL’s, and then move on to poking around in some of those tools!

Best of luck!