CIA Factbook Data Analysis. Request for review

Hello mates!
Kindly ask you to find some free minutes and make a review of my first project in SQL.
Thank you, and have a nice day!

CIA Factbook Data Analysis.ipynb (77.7 KB)

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Well done on this analysis! I thought the drilldown on Eastern Europe you chose to explore was interesting and a logical next step considering the result it stemmed from. The code itself was also well formatted and easy to read.

An area I think could be cleaned up would be focusing the output of the tables, especially when you are just interested in and talking about the output of one metric. As a reader scanning a table of (±) 10 columns when only 2-4 were really relevant to a specific analysis question made it slightly more difficult to read.

One last small formatting thing was there are numbered and bulleted lists of only one value - it may be cleaner to remove those and turn them into smaller subheaders by adding hashtags infront of those words.

Well done and happy learning!

Hello ! Thank you for your time reading my project and good advice. You are right ± 10 columns make a reader overwhelmed, when there is actually 2-4 columns needed.