CIA Factbook Guided Project - Jupyter Notebook

Hi All,

As many others have done, I have created a Jupyter notebook analyzing the CIA Factbook data. I look forward to any feedback/comments you may have about whether you liked it and/or if you have suggestions to make it better!

Here is the link to the mission: CIA Factbook - Guided Project DataQuest Link

Here is a copy of the Jupyter notebook: Guided Project_ Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL.ipynb (35.0 KB) and the images used: (766.7 KB)

Here’s a link to my GitHub repository: CIA Factbook GitHub Repo

Here’s a PDF of the notebook as well that reflects the images I added via markdown (I couldn’t get the images to show properly): Guided Project_ Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL - Jupyter Notebook.pdf (971.8 KB)

Thanks everyone!

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hello @riffology! Thanks for sharing:)

Here is some feedback:

  • First off, why do you have a code block to install conda? It’s not neccessary for the project.
  • Why did you copy everything from the DQ, especially Jupyter notebook explanations. Try to use your own words whenever possible and don’t just copy everything from DQ. At a real job, we have no place to copy from.
  • As far as I see you left no comments on the data you extracted and just copied everything (at least at the beginning).
  • Most of your cells do not have the same style. You can corret your code style by reading these guidelines.

Overall, I would reccomend you two main things:

  • Do not blindly copy everything from DQ (and other guides). At least try to rephrase what they say in your own worlds.
  • Comment your findings. What did you expect? What did you find? Is it worth mentioning?

Happy coding;)

Appreciate the feedback. I originally had the DQ code in there so I could code on Jupyter without having to go back and forth between the website and my code. I do agree with your statement on doing more and I will go back and redo this