CIA FACTBOOK Guided project

I would like to share my Guided project and please let me know if there is something need to be added or modification needed

Basics.ipynb (21.7 KB)

Thank you Dataquest

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Hello @ai1, I hope you really learnt a lot while doing this project. I like the way you’ve outlined your SQL codes, they really help in readability. But we have a dozen of missing things in your project.

  1. Project title
    Your project doesn’t have a title.
  2. Goal of the project
    The project is missing the goal. The readers or users of the project need to know what you are working on.
  3. Explanations
    It would be great if you provide more explanations of your findings. Add headings , subheadings, comments, descriptions
  4. You can also provide us with a general conclusion from what you were working on

Some helpful resources

Happy Coding!

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