CIA World Facebook Guided Project

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Here is my guided project for your review.

Questions that came up as I was doing the project:

How can I get SQL comments to ‘gray out’? I used -- comment as well as /* comment */ AFTER the %%sql line but I couldn’t get it to gray out like it does when using # with python.

Since we basically want to exclude the ‘World’ and ‘Antarctica’ rows from every metric, I had to type in this portion of the code for many cells:

WHERE name <> 'Antarctica'
  AND name <> 'World';

Is there a way to apply this so you don’t have to type it in every time? I’m assuming one solution would be to just delete the rows but what if you didn’t want to delete the rows and just wanted to omit it while working?

*** EDIT *** This was part of the next mission: Using VIEW !

Thank you all for your time!

CIA Factbook SQL Project.ipynb (39.1 KB)

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For comment codes I ended up combining both the # and /* requirements.:

/* # (The comment goes here) */

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Hi @gosaints,
Thanks for sharing your project on CIA World Factbook. The presentation is okay and the codes are so neat thus rendering good output. I love your introduction and most of the explanations you have gave, thumbs up for that buddy. However have got the few suggestions to point out;

  • I think it’s better to give in details the history background of the dataset you are using and provide the links as well, hope you will fixed up that on your upcoming projects.
  • In cell[9], I think displaying only the name of the countries wasn’t enough, you could have added maybe the population of these countries as well, and it could have been more readable.
  • in cell[15] , you will noticed that you ran into an error, I think the intension was to have this “### Which countries will add the most people to their populations next year?” in the markdown cell and not in the code cell.
  • lastly I think it’s very important to summarize your findings and give them out in the conclusion. Hope in your upcoming projects you add the conclusion.

Otherwise to me, everything looks good and congratulations for the good work!

Happy learning!

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great feedback, thank you!