CIA World Factbook CASE statement not working

I cannot get this case statement to work please advise?

Please make sure that when you ask questions -

  1. Share the link to the Mission/Mission Step
  2. Try to apply the appropriate tags to the question if possible
  3. Share your code, in text form and properly formatted. You have shared a screenshot, which is great to show the error, but not helpful for someone to quickly copy your code and try to run it.
  4. Share your entire code whenever possible. You can upload your file to Github and share that link, or you can download your Notebook and share the file in your post. See Updating Your Guided Project in the Community for more.

You can also refer to Introducing guidelines for all technical questions in our Community and Guide: How to Ask a Good Question as well.

The 4th point is important here because you didn’t include %%sql in your Cell before you ran it. That’s the source of your error.

Not being able to check your code with the right context makes it more difficult to provide help with. So, please keep the above points in mind as a future reference.