Clarification needed on API AUTHENTICATION LESSON

Does an access token grant one access to make unlimited Requests to access every kind of information (using different endpoints) from that particular server or the information is always limited to the user’s account.

in this lesson (Learn data science with Python and R projects )this statement was made

So far, we’ve looked at endpoints where we need to explicitly provide the username of the person whose information we’re looking up. For example, we used to pull up the repositories that VikParuchuri starred.

Since we’ve authenticated with our token, the system knows who we are, and it can show us some relevant information without us specifying our username.

Making a GET request to will give us information about the user the authentication token is for.

There are other endpoints that behave like this. They automatically provide information or allow us to take actions as the authenticated user.

I really need clarification on what information or data the API authentication grants you access it only the authentication users data or all data within the server

That is entirely dependent on the API you are working with.

That’s why it’s important to check out the related documentation of the API to see what kind of access it grants you, for what, what the limits, if any, might be, what associated costs there might be if you go beyond that limit etc.

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THANKS. But I really have a big issue in comprehending how to navigate through the API documentation for Github .

Throughout this intermediate lesson I have been so confused as to how the API documentation for Github being constantly referred to in this lesson would be of help to me or was helpful in this lesson

I click on the link and all i see is RESET API, I really dont know how to nagivate through the documentation to find information on the paginations, the parameters required for Patch, post and put requests as well as the various endpoints available in Github.

what happens when I open the link