Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys 5/11

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What I expected to happen:
The years should be displayed on y axis

What actually happened:

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Hi @neilgordonwalker, could you edit your post to include the screen link or code as these are not showing?


Hello @neilgordonwalker,

It is very difficult to know what error you are getting as you did not state what actually happened it in your post.

From here though,

Try this in the code cell and see if it resolves the problem:

dete_boxplot = dete_resignations.boxplot(column = ['CEASE_DATE'])

Be sure of the letter case of the column name.

If it doesn’t resolve the error, Kindly upload the notebook file.

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Many thanks this resolved the error

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You are welcome. Kindly mark the reply as the solution then.

Happy learning!