Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys. Ask for Feedback

Dear students,
I would like to ask you for feedback on my guided prodject.
Frankly speaking the hardest part of every project is to write text information (comments, explanations, conclusions).
But I am happy, I reviewed a new course in visualisation and I understood better and liked seaborn, so I used it in this project.

Guided Project Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys.ipynb (326.2 KB)

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Hi @sergibtrader
Thank you very much for sharing your project on Cleaning and Analyzing Employee Exit Surveys. Have gone through your work and it’s well worked. The introduction is so informing, the objectives are very clear, the use of comments are just wonderful. You have done a great job in the conclusions, the findings are indeed recommendable. I love the way you have used the seaborn, they have displayed very admirable plots , like that in cell[67] and even the one in your last code, the visualization is just perfect. keep it up mate for the good work. have got few humble suggestions;

  • Including ‘guided project’ as a project tittle, is not that recommended . Remember this could be one of the project you may wish to share with one of your potential employer, and with ‘guided project’ as a title, I don’t think if it will create good impression.
  • Also, you have repeatedly indicated the subtopic ‘conclusion’ , though it’s not that worrying to use , but I think you should instead use other words like ‘observation’ .Most people have perception that once you include conclusion, then that’s should mark the end of your project.
  • Also some of the outputs like in cell[13] needed explanations, though I can see you were frank on this :joy:, but I hope all will be well as you continue working and interacting with various projects.
  • Lastly,always consider re-running your project to have sequential ordering of the cells,.

Otherwise to me, everything look nice and well presented, all the best in your upcoming projects.

Happy learning!

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Hi @brayanopiyo18
Thank you for your warm feedback.
I aplied all your recommendations in my Jupyter(renamed headings and left only conclusion in the end) Thank you that you had some time to review my prodject and give recommendations.

Oh, mate thank you very much, I didn’t notice it

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I appreciate it buddy for considering my suggestions helpful.

Happy codding! :blush:

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