Clean And Analyze Employee Exit Surveys. completed

share with me your feedback.

clean and analyze.ipynb (187.4 KB)

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Hello @mo7ammedsab! Thanks for sharing:) Could you upload your project on GitHub, so we can review it?

Thanks and happy coding!

Hi @mo7ammedsab

Congratulations for having completed your project on Cleaning and Analyzing Employee Exit Surveys. The code lines are okay and thus rendering good results. However, Your projects lacks a story walkthrough; like project title, the introduction, the aim/goal/objectives( what are these questions you are trying to answer?), the history background of the dataset you are using, providing the links to these datasets, the conclusion( summary of your findings).You haven’t also included the comments in your entire working, remember with comments, readers will somehow understand your code lines and ease up any complexity.

Otherwise to me , everything looks nice and wishing you a happy learning!

Below is your project uploaded in .ipynb format
clean and analyze (1).ipynb (186.4 KB)

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