Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys in each category

Hi!, I finished my Guided Project on Cleaning and Analyzing Employee Exit Surveys. The project got a little long, because in the analysis I wanted to study each category of time of service separately. I would be very happy if someone could give me a feedback about the project!

Notebook Link:

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Hi! @analuizallmp

Do you mind if I make a proposal?

I started this same project and I have dedicated a lot of time and affection to it, I imagine you know what I am talking about.

Looking at someone else’s project is something that takes time and everyone knows what they have to do with their time, so I understand that it is not anyone’s priority.

What do you think if each one looks at the other’s?

Step_03/Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys/Guided Project Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys DQ-anotaciones-End.ipynb

> here you can download it <

if it seems good to you tell me something, I think it’s a fair way of dealing. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a good idea! I’ll look your project :+1:

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Tomorrow I will check your project, and I will send you what I thought. ok?


Hello @analuizallmp

I have been looking at your work with affection, and the truth is that I think it is a very good job, is true that there is not too much text, and maybe if you worked a little bit markdown the work would seem better.

Or sometimes I miss some value_counts (dropna = False) basically to know if in that series there is or is not NaN but it seems that you have not needed much.

by the way I liked what you have done in one of the functions explaining what it does. Do you remember what lesson it was? I thought it was like a good habit.

Congratulations. :dizzy:


Thank you for the feedback, I’ll work on these points. The explanation of the function is on a lesson in the last step of the course “Best Practices for Writing Functions”.
I looked at your project and I liked very much, especially the text, it was a good example for me to write more. Besides that, I liked the details and the different types of graphs you used. For me, it was missing a conclusion part, with a resume of your findings in the exploratory part, responding more directly the questions established in the introduction.

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Thanks @analuizallmp

I will not forget to introduce in the functions the description of it, it was a very appropriate idea.

The reason why it has so much text was I wanted to probe how I could do for someone who has no idea and read the document might be a friendly experience.

I follow the steps of the exercise meticulously since there are a series of variable that changes on exercice at specific time.

A clear conclusion is certainly missing, you’re absolutely right.

Thank you very much for your help, it is always good to listen to a voice other than that of oneself.