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aptops[“weight”]= laptops[“weight”].str.replace(“kgs”,"").str.replace(“kg”,"").astype(float)
laptops.rename({“weight”: “weight_kg”}, axis = 1, inplace = True)
laptops.to_csv(‘laptops_cleaned.csv’, index = False)

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As per this mission, I’ve replaced the strings followed by renamed the column as well and finally saved the cleaned csv file as per csv method - laptops.to_csv(‘laptops_cleaned.csv’, index = False)
Now I just want to understand where will i see the cleaned csv file for my further analysis? Your help is highly appreciated ?
Thank you

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  1. Run the code first using Run Code or Submit Answer
  2. click Open Console
  • run !ls to list files/directories

This will list the files in the working directory

>>> !ls
laptops_cleaned.csv laptops.csv
  1. if you want to check the contents in laptops_cleaned.csv you can use !cat laptops_cleaned.csv
>>> !cat laptops_cleaned.csv

You can copy and paste the output to a CSV file in your machine.


If you need the laptops_cleaned.csv in your machine, you can download the laptops.csv then use your favorite text editor or notebook to run the code you wrote to generate laptops_cleaned.csv

I hope this has helped. :thinking:


Thanks for the clarification. I got it now :slight_smile:


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Awesome, I’m glad I could help.

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Hi @info.victoromondi

i try the way you said above, i try to do " !cat laptops_cleaned.csv’, it is said no such file or dictionary.
screen link:

Follow either of the instructions

You might have named it laptops_cleaned instead of laptops_cleaned.csv while saving the laptops dataframe.

Refer the code below: You might have written
laptops.to_csv('laptops_cleaned', index=False)
instead of
laptops.to_csv('laptops_cleaned.csv', index=False)

This worked. Thanks so much.