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Do you hate bugs? We do too! Unfortunately, even if we test things before they’re live, we still have bugs that want to make it more difficult for you to learn. We’ll help you get back to learning, and you can help us by upvoting any bugs that you’re experiencing.

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This post contains a list of platform bugs that are known to us. Please open each of the links and click on the vote button if you are experiencing that issue. If you couldn’t find the bug you are looking for, please create a ticket to us by clicking the Contact Us link above. We would be happy to help you with it.

You will not be allowed to create a topic or reply to a post. If you need any help associated with this category, please feel free to reach out to us.

List of Known-Bugs

  1. 404: Not Found - You are requesting a page that does not exist!
  2. Built-In / Library Function Redefined - TypeError: ‘x’ object is not callable
  3. Download Button In Guided Project Does Not Work
  4. 404 - This Mission / Course / Path Was Not Found
  5. Your code run has timed out - Red / Orange Connection Light
  6. Guided Project Lost
  7. Guided Project Overwritten / Swapped
  8. Takeway Content Overlapping
  9. There was an error loading Jupyter Notebook
  10. Weekly Agenda Is Not Working Correctly
  11. X isn’t defined in your code, but we expected it to be Y type
  12. CLI long command overwrite

If you have any feedback on this process, please let us know via the Contact Us link above.

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