Cloud computing: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure


I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on where to learn the basics of cloud computing. I know AWS and Azure are near the top of the list of the most popular platforms out there. Are there any good resources similar to a Dataquest style that could help me learn the fundamentals of either of these platforms and how to work in them?

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Hello @mannyrivero33

I completed the AWS Developer XSeries at edX last year. This is a solid introduction to AWS Services. You will be working with an app that’s already been built. So, the focus is on how AWS works. The course was out of date when I took it because some things had changed in the AWS console.

I am currently doing the Cloud Developer Nanodegree program at Udacity. There is an intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript requirement. There is a final project that may involve developing an application from scratch. Not gotten there yet.

The instructors at edX were very technical people. I really explored AWS Services on this course. I am 2-day in the Udacity course, I cannot give a definitive feedback yet but the lectures seems to be more understandable.

Both programs are quite expensive. You might want to check out other less expensive programs or audit free courses to understand the fundamentals first. This is a curated list:

Hi @mannyrivero33,

We’re actually going to have such courses at Dataqust soon! :star_struck:

You can find useful this post. Pay special attention to this tab of the file mentioned there, but check also the other tabs.

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