Code and Output is almost same to expectation but mission is getting failed

Screen Link:

My Code:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
wnba["Exp_ordinal"].value_counts().plot.pie(figsize=(6,6), autopct='%.2f%%', title="Percentage of players in WNBA by level of experience.")

What I expected to happen:
should have completed mission successfully

What actually happened:

Your 1st plot doesn't match what we expected.


I m not getting what is the issue, have restarted the session and reset code than also it is not accepting output,
In output also can see it is similar to what is expected, still m getting failed,

Please help me to understand where i m going wrong :slight_smile:

Hi @vinodgchandaliya:

I think you added an additional full stop . thus it is rejecting your answer


I was about to type the same but you covered already :slight_smile:


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Yep looks like we spotted it at the same time lol @prasadkalyan05 :sweat_smile:

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Thanks didn’t thought a full stop will be a problem :sweat_smile::innocent:

No worries @vinodgchandaliya!