Code execution times out

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What actually happened: 

Your code run has timed out.
This could be caused by writing an infinite loop, or an issue with our system.

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Tried using different browsers, but no luck

It seems there is an issue with the platform today. Try submitting again.

Also follow the instructions.


  1. Using the print() command, display the result for:
    • 40 + 4
    • 200 - 25
    • 14 + 3
  2. Click the Submit Answer button when you’re ready to check your answer.

On my side it is working.

print(40 + 4)
print(200 - 25)
print(14 +3)

But still lgot it wrong

The code: print( 48 / 5 ) is not working either. It is the correct answer, but I keep getting syntax error, invalid syntax. I cheated and got the answer to make sure and it is exactly what I wrote.

Hi @imacNotApple and welcome to the community!

I tested out your code print( 48 / 5 ) and did not receive an error message. Have you tried using the “Restore Initial Code” and try it again with a fresh screen? Also, as per the PEP8 guidelines a space before and after parentheses is not recommended.

that fixed it thanks

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